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How much does it cost?

Price does vary depending on the severity and conditions of the job but you will find this process to be much more economical than painting or replacing. To get a free estimate or quotation please contact your local dealer.

This chart illustrates your savings by selecting cleaning rather than any other ceiling care option. Have a look at the benefit to your bottom line.

Replacing Painting Cleaning
$.80 - $4.50 $.40 - $.80 Much more economical
than replacing the tiles
Highest Cost High Cost Low Cost
Dust and Debris Leaves Odor Removes Odor
Cost of Disposal Eliminates Acoustics Improves Acoustics
Labor to Remove Destroys Fire Rating Improves Fire Rating
Business Interrupt Business Interrupt No Business Interrupt
Very Messy Can Stain Carpets No Mess
Must Replace Fixtures Special Paint for Fixtures Cleans All Surfaces

How does it work?

In laymen's terms, over a period of time you get a build up of nicotine, cooking greases and everyday oil and fats. The dust and dirt in the atmosphere stick to these bonding agents causing your ceilings to look dirty. We spray an enzyme-based solution onto the ceiling that breaks down these bonding agents and reverses the process. The whole thing is quick, clean and effective.

Now on to our technical explanation of how are process works....... Our "Absolute Solution". The "Absolute Solution" is a enzyme solution of emulsifiers, surfactants, optic brighteners and other non-toxic cleaners. The pollution on ceilings and walls are layers of films bonded to the surface by amino and fatty acids. The enzyme eliminates the amino and fatty acids (bonders) and the cleaning agents break down the films into particles so small they're reverted back to the atmosphere never to soil anything again. On non-porous surfaces the solution breaks the films into fine beads that are sponged off.
Our enzyme detergent is non-toxic, biodegradable and contains no bleach or high oxides. The "Absolute solution" is formulated to clean nicotine, grease and most other protein dirt's on ceilings and walls. It is not necessary to cover or mask floors or walls when using our solution. We use only common sense when it comes to covering. This covering is done to save time in clean up. Example: it is faster to cover a glass table top than to wipe it later. Also moisture may harm paper, so exposed paper on desks and other items should be covered.


Is it messy?

There is very little or no mess created. We will drop cloth all furniture in the area. When the dirt dissipates you will not actually see anything fall. It turns into microscopic dust particles (you can see them when the sunlight shines through your windows) These particles are filtered out by the furnace and filters in your home or building. You will not notice much dust or debris at all when we are finished.


Is it safe for our pets?

The Absolute Solution is completely safe and harmless to people and human habitation. Our enzyme based solution is non-toxic, biodegradable and contains no bleach or high oxidizers. Therefore you and rover could drink it and only come away with a bad taste in your mouth.


How long will it take?

This process is a fairly quick one. We are usually done houses in approximately 2 - 3 hours, and restaurants in about 4 - 6 hours. It depends on the size and the extent of the work to be done. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will come in at your convenience not ours.


Why don't I just paint?

Painting is often chosen as an alternative because of cost. But what happens after painting usually makes management, customers and other visitors unhappy. Painting destroys the acoustical value of ceiling tiles, so instead of having sound absorption the result is sound reflection. Instead of the coziness of friendly chatter, the annoyance of a constant din takes over. There are other problems with paint. The local fire inspector and your insurance man won't like the fact that instead of having a fire "break" for a ceiling, you have a fire "path". And the grease, nicotine, and dirt that you covered with paint, was just that - covered. Over a period of time, dirt and odors bleed into and through the paint. Not only have the tiles been permanently damaged but they look worse too.