Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Co.
Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Company

Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Company offers a wide range of interior cleaning and restoration services in Ottawa and Gatineau area. We are a proud Canadian partner of ICWC Co. - the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of Ceiling Cleaning and Ceiling Coating products and restoration equipment.




Ceiling and Wall Cleaning


A water-based acoustical coating, Ceilbrite™ is fully certified and approved for use at Hospitals, Universities, Restaurants, and other businesses across the globe.


Accoustic Tile Restoration


FACT: Painting of a dirty ceiling covers over the bacteria, fungi, and soils. ABSOLUTE™ Solution is an enzyme-based ceiling cleaner. It removes bacteria, fungi, and soils from ceiling and wall tiles.


Fire Retardant Treatment


Certified for interiors flame retardant treatment in residences, commercial buildings, hotels, aircrafts etc.

Order Our Service to Clean and Eliminate

  • Nicotine, Cooking Grease, Mildew, Smoke and soot, Odors

Our Solution & Process are Guaranteed to:

  • Disinfect & Sanitize
  • Improve Appearance
  • Restore Acoustic Value
  • Restore Fire Rating
  • Improve Lighting by as much as 60%
  • Save you Time & Money