Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Company
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High Quality Service

Professional Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Co. offers the industry's most advanced restoration process.

Cost Effective Solution

Save money: "Reuse" instead of "Replace"

Cut the cost of hard to clean acoustical tiles replacement by 50% and more.

Environmentally Friendly

No bleach or heavy oxidizers.

Our solutions are non-toxic, bio-degradable and odorless. The Green means Clean!

Why Clean Acoustic Tiles?

Ceilings and walls trap odours, smoke, oil and cooking grease, nicotine, dust mites and many more unsanitary pollutants. The dirt and pollution sticks to tiles in a form of layers of thin films bonded to the surface by amino and fatty acids. Enzymes in our cleaning agents dissolve the amino and fatty acids (bonders), break down the films into particles dispensed into the atmosphere.


Benefits of Cleaning Process

  • Improve and maintain sound absorbing capabilities
  • Ensure a Class A fire-proof rated surface
  • Tiles don't stick to grid systems unlike when they're painted
  • Easy to maintain the "brand-new" look
  • Restore tile's original color